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Before Apple launched iOS 11, it was easy for iOS users to use Cydia. But after iOS 11 was introduced, it came with strict restrictions that made it hard to use Cydia on iOS devices. Over time, the need for installing Cydia tweaks and games at no cost arose and that’s where such apps like iOSEmus emerged. iOSEmus download is an alternative of Cydia providing the best tweaks, games, and apps for free. 

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You do not need to jailbreak your iOS device to use iOSEmus but the app still works perfectly on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken device. The best thing about this app installer is that it regularly updates its apps and games and it is also easy to install.  

iOSEmus is not the same as Cydia and cannot compete with it. But what you need to know is that it provides those Cydia tweaked apps and games that we have been missing since iOS 11. No jailbreaking tools are needed to use iOSEmus. You’ll be able to download your favorite games and apps like MovieBoxAirshou, and a popular emulator like GBA4iOS. Find out more about iOSEmus like how to download, its features, and what more it has to offer below.  

iOSEmus Download as App Installer:

In the steps below, you will know how to download and install iOSEmus for your iOS device by using simplified steps. Before you can download it, it is important to ensure that your iOS device’s Wi-FI or Cellular Data is turned on. Make sure that you delete the background apps before beginning the entire process. Deleting you Safari Browser Data is an even better option.

Configuration Profile Link

 On your iOS device go to Safari browser. Any other browser may not work complete the entire process.  

  1. On your browser address bar, enter the link 
  2. Tap Download on your navigation Menu 
  3. Once you can access the download tab, click on the Configuration Profile link for iOSEmus.  
  4. You will be taken to another page after which you will have to select a logo from any of the two logos provided. 
  5. The page will require to Allow the iOSEMus Configuration Profile Settings page. 
  6. Select install the Configuration page. 
  7. Enter the passcode details. 
  8. A  pop-up box will appear with so that you can be able to tap Install on it 
  9. Select Done when it appears.  
  10. You will see the iOSEmus logo when you head to your device’s home screen. 
  11. Tap the iOSEmus logo to open it and get access to all of the apps through searching. 

iOSEmus Installing Features:

Below are the best features you’ll find on this app installer. 

  • The app is easy to download with simple installation process. 
  • The user does not need an Apple ID to use the app 
  • Unlike Cydia, you do not need to jailbreak your device. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use 
  • It is legal and safe to use. The user will not encounter any malware issues. 
  • Apps and games are downloaded at a high speed. 
  • In case there any errors occur, they can be fixed easily.  
  • Offers best-tweaked apps and games that you cannot find on the App Store. 
  • It includes a cache cleaner  
  • Occupies less space on your device. 

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How to Use iOSEmus on your iPad or iPhone 

This is a simple to use the app. Follow the steps below to begin using the installer. 

  • After downloading and installing the app, head to your home screen.  
  • Search for iOSEmus app icon or use your applications page to locate the app 
  • Launch it. If you encounter an Untrusted Developer Error, head to your settings and trust the app as explained in how to fix errors below. 
  • Open the app again and start searching for your favorite games, emulators, and apps 
  • Click on the Get button next to the app you want 
  • Wait for the download to complete. 
  • Install the app, launch, and enjoy. 

Popular Apps on iOSEmus:

The apps you’ll find here are all different from what you are used to. For example, instead of the original Instagram or YouTube, you’ll find Instagram ++ and YouTube ++. These apps have better features and allow the user to do more than they can on the original versions. You can download pictures and videos from the above apps.  

Other popular apps, games, and emulators include: 

  • Spotify ++ 
  • MediaBox 
  • CotoMovies 
  • PokeGo (iSpoofer) 
  • GBA4iOS 
  • Happy Chick 

How to Fix iOSEmus Errors:

You may encounter two types of errors while using iOSEmus. The first is the Untrusted Developer Error while the other is a crashing error.  

Fixing Untrusted Developer Error:

Apple has strict rules especially when it comes to the type of apps installed. Since iOSEmus is a third-party app, Apple may restrict the user from using it. That’s why you are likely to encounter this type of error when you launch the app. To fix this error: 

  1. Head to your settings 
  2. Select General and then Profile and Device Management.
  3. Scroll down and select iOSEmus profile. 
  4. Tap trust and then Click done.  

Go back to your home screen and launch the app again. The error should be gone.  

Fixing a crash error: 

It is a rare case and may happen to iOSEmus or any app you have downloaded from the installer. To fix this: 

  1. Uninstall or delete the app 
  2. Download the app again 
  3. Launch and the app should be working as it is supposed to 

It is a rare case and may happen to iOSEmus or any app you have downloaded from the installer. To fix this: 

  1. Uninstall or delete the app 
  2. Download the app again 
  3. Launch and the app should be working as it is supposed to 

If still, it is not working then delete the app from your device and download and install it again following the above-mentioned methods.


iOSEmus is a third-party app installer that enables users to enjoy Cydia tweaked apps and modified games. You will also access emulators that you cannot find on any other App StoreThe best thing about this app is the fact that iPhone and iPad users can access premium app features at no cost. So if you were looking for an app where you can find better-modified features, you should try out iOSEmus.

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