Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator developed by Exophase and specially designed for devices with Android Operating System to play Nintendo games. 

drastic emulator download

How to Download and Install Drastic DS Emulator:

  1. Download the APK file from the above instruction.
  2. Tap on Install, ignore the security alert, and press OK.
  3. From the prompted Settings option, enable “Allow from this Source”.
  4. Once the installation is done, go to your device’s home screen and start playing your favorite games. 

How to Use:

  1. Open the emulator app from the device’s home screen.
  2. This emulator should search the downloaded ROM file from the device storage for you. 
  3. Tap the game option on the Drastic emulator, and everything should be ready to go. 
  4. If the emulator fails to search ROMs automatically, manually search the downloaded file from where it was saved. 
  5. If the emulator fails to recognize the ROM file, check for any corruption or try downloading the same ROM from another source; it might work fine. 


High Resolution:

It supports high resolution for DS games, and the 3D games get two times higher resolution while playing with more details and graphics. It will help if you have a flagship Android device with the best resolution. 

Easy to Operate :

The app is easy to operate on your device; open the app, and you can quickly get options to download DS games. From the different categories, you can even modify games from settings. 

Modify Visuals:

This emulator has two screens; you can customize its size or aspect ratio. As per your need, you can change the position of the cameras and can set the screen horizontally and vertically line. 

Highly Optimized:

The emulator is highly optimized and performs best on all Android devices, but the high-specification devices get better performance on it. 

The user experience and gameplay get enhanced by highly optimized graphics and stability. 

Battery saver:

The battery saver feature of this game emulator prevents the battery drain for more extended use. 

Enhanced Audio:

The audio plays a significant role while playing DS games on Android devices cause audio creates real-world excitement while playing the game. From the settings, you can enhance the audio effects.

Save Progress:

Save progress features help you to save the game; when you play again, you can start from where you left off. You need to enable the save progress feature on this emulator settings. 

Fast Forward Feature:

This emulator’s fast-forward feature helps the user play games at double speed. Therefore you can finish the game in half the time it usually takes. To do so, from the settings, you can change the fast-forward speed manually according to your need. 

Premium Features: 

Enabling the premium feature on this app will cost you the subscription charges. You will get ads free interface and advanced gaming features enabled with the premium feature.


  • Six window mode. 
  • Customization of controller
  • Audio and graphics settings variety
  • Google Drive support synchronizing the same games


  • Lack of multiplayer support on gaming. 

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Drastic DS Emulator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Drastic DS Emulator?

The Drastic DS Emulator tool uses Android devices to play all the Nintendo Games with customizable features. 

Does Drastic DS Emulator support PS4 and PS5 games?

No, it supports only PS1 and PS2 games. 

Is it Free?

This app has a free option; if you need advanced game options, it will cost you $4.99. 

Does this app save user gameplay?

Yes, it saves your gameplay. 


While using this emulator, find something that does not work, or you need to be aware of some settings that help your game to an advanced level. The official forum will help you with questions; you can search for existing questions or ask questions.

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